Why Foster for lilo's promise?

Lilo's Promise prefers to have as many of its dogs in foster care as possible. Foster homes give our dogs a much better life, and a much better chance of success once they're adopted. They have time to socialize, interact with people, and in many cases, live with cats and other dogs. A kennel can be a stressful environment for even the best dog, so getting out pit bulls into a home is always our first choice. That's where you come in!

What it means to foster.

FOSTERING A DOG SAVES TWO LIVES, the dog you foster and the dog you have made room for in the shelter. Lilo’s Promise Animal Rescue needs special volunteers to provide a safe, loving, temporary home and care for an LPAR dog until it is adopted.  Being a foster parent is fun and rewarding! As an added bonus, you get the return of love and companionship from the foster dog you have welcomed into your home. You can be proud that as a foster parent you have saved a life. 

Lilo's Promise Foster program is one of a kind.

Lilo's Promise provides all food, basic supplies, veterinary care and guidance.  All dogs are screened for health and temperament before entering our program. In addition to covering all costs, all LPAR dogs are enrolled in obedience classes. As a foster parent you may participate in class or we will make arrangements to have LPAR’s dog taken to classes for you.  Be assured that you will never be alone.  LPAR is always available to our foster parents.  Should the need arise, we have a trainer who is available to address any behavioral or training issues. We do everything possible to make sure out dogs find their forever homes as quickly as possible, so we can help the next dog!


FAQ's about fostering.

How long will i be a foster?

Fostering can last from a few weeks to several months.

Who covers the cost of caring for a foster dogs?

Lilo's Promise covers all the costs of caring for a foster dog including food, basic supplies and veterinary care.

Who provides medical care?

Lilo's Promise provides all necessary medical care including all vaccinations, heartworm preventative or any other medical care as deemed appropriate by LPAR
and our veterinarian. 

What if i fall in love & want to adopt?

As a foster parent you have the first right of adoption subject to approval by LPAR. 



How do I become a foster parent or get more information?

Please Enter information in the foster application below, and our Foster Coordinator Heather will contact you for more information. You can also contact Heather via email

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Please contact your veterinarian's office to let them know we will be contacting them. Due to privacy issues many veterinarians will not give out information without the consent of their client and this will save time.